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norwalk fabric outlet

Norwalk Fabric Outlet is a unique business. Why? Well, there simply aren’t many businesses like us still operating. We sell upholstery and drapery fabric purchased from drapery work rooms and the ends of rolls from local upholstery companies. We are able to purchase these fabrics at a very low price and, as a result, offer highly discounted prices to our customers. This makes us a true outlet. 

In 2004, Howard and Jackie Sawyer opened a consignment shop in a small building attached to their home. After a 5 year foray into the motor home lifestyle during retirement, they returned to Norwalk and parked their beloved motor home when Howard developed a medical issue with his eye. Upon returning, they rented their now-vacant business to a gentleman who sold fabric ends from Norwalk Furniture.

A year of treatment later, Howard’s eye was better, but the gentleman renting their building decided to discontinue his business. Now in better health, Howard and Jackie decided to keep all the fabrics and re-open their consignment store. Given Jackie’s past as an interior decorator and her general love for home décor, they moved forward with the name “J’s Home Décor.” Over time, they slowly transitioned from a focus on home décor and into just fabrics.

By 2010, Howard and Jackie had decided they could no longer run the business themselves after Jackie fell ill. Howard’s oldest daughter, Bev Boguszewski, had worked part-time at the shop from the beginning and decided to buy the business. With the focus having changed over to solely fabrics, she changed the name to “Norwalk Fabric Outlet.”

Since taking over the shop, Bev has expanded the store and changed locations to accommodate our growth. After seeing that there weren’t many fabric stores left in the area, she began carrying trims after many requests to fulfill this need. She also added high-density foam to our inventory, allowing us to expand our services and offer replacements for broken down foam in furniture. We now work closely with local upholsterers and designers who send their customers to us for fabrics. We are happy to work with every customer and assist them in measuring and picking something that works for their projects.

Now that you know about our history, we want you to be a part of it. Thank you for visiting our website and we hope to meet you in person soon so we can help you with your next project!